Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival
Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival

Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival

President: Lord Sackville  Hon. Vice President:  Mrs F Pragnell

The Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival is well known and popular with Adjudicators and competitors as friendly and enthusiastic and draws entries from all over the South-east. Many past competitors have gone on to become successful professionals and some are now entering their pupils in the Festival, knowing the benefits and experience they can gain and the sheer enjoyment of performing in front of an audience. We are pleased to have Robert Sackville-West, Lord Sackville, as our President.


Future Dates


Next Festival – June 2021


Due to the corona virus situation it has been decided that the 2021 Festival will again be a video festival. Classes will be held in Speech & Drama, Piano, Singing, Woodwind & Brass, Strings and Accordions. The syllabus for 2021 will be available in February and entries can be made from 28 February 2021, using our online system.


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Sevenoaks Young Musician of the Year Competition


The Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival also organises the Sevenoaks Young Musician of the Year Competition, for serious music students between the ages of 12 and 21. It is with great regret that due to the corona virus situation, we have decided to cancel the next one day event planned for Sunday 7 March 2021. The next competition is now planned for March 2022 at a new venue, The Ship Theatre, Walthamstow Hall Senior School. Entry forms will be made available in Autumn 2021. Click the logo to find out about this competition.

Click the logo to find out about this competition

Report on June 2020 Video Festival

We are delighted to have received 141 entries for this V- Festival and would like to give special thanks to all entrants and their families for preparing the videos.  We are also exceedingly grateful to the adjudicators for their assistance with this new way of working and to Play and Perform for adapting the on-line entry system with such speed. The standard was particularly high and we are pleased to record those achieving Distinction or better.

Speech and Drama  
124 Prose reading 12-17 years 87  Charlotte England
207 Grade 3 and 4 87  Neda Bickus
210 Own Choice 8 years and under    87  Emily Lu
226 Sonata/Sonatina 15 yrs and under   89  Ben Joshua Yip
234 20th/21st Century 15 yrs and under   87  Emily Lu
306 Solo 9 years and under 87  Romilly O’Donnell
307 Solo 10 and 11  years 87  Myrto Magoulas
308 Solo 12-14 years 87  Maisie Seaton
326 Show Song 11 years and under 87  Martha Gillespie
327 Show Song 12 and 13 years 87  Millie Alli
332 Own composition 15 yrs & under 87  Joseph Pickard
Woodwind and Brass  
412 Own Choice 12-14 years    89  Joseph Pickard
417 Grade 5 and 6 87  Jessica Powell
426 Recital 14-17 years 90  James King
428 Sonata/Concerto 14 yrs and under 87  Joseph Pickard
502 Beginners 6-8 years 89  Stephanie Yu
507 Own Choice 8-10 years 89  Jem Mossman
507 Own Choice 8-10 years 87  Micaela Marie Gerhard
509 Own Choice 14/15 years    90  Hector Elwes
512 Grade 1   87  Isabella Millar
515 Grade 4 87  Ava Millar
517 Grade 7 and 8 89  Merry Mossman
536 Recital 11 years and under 89  Jem Mossman
537 Recital 12 and 13 years 87  Lucy Millar
538 Recital 14-17 years    89  Lachlan Edwards
540 Sonata/Sonatina 14 yrs and under 91  Lachlan Edwards
540 Sonata/Sonatina 14 yrs and under 88  Hector Elwes
540 Sonata/Sonatina 14 yrs and under 87  Lucy Millar
621 Polka/Tango 90  Ann Claire Herr
623 Recital 12-14 years 88  Ann Claire Herr


Mr P Harlow Chairman  Mrs S Day Secretary  Mrs J Surrey Treasurer

Mr T Daniell  Mrs M Holgate Mr E Oatley MBE Mrs N Powell  Mrs B Ross


The Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival gratefully acknowledges the generous assistance received from the Sevenoaks District Arts Council (which is funded by the Sevenoaks District Council), Sevenoaks Town Council and Kent County Council

Affiliated to the British & International Federation of Festivals

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